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Precious Cargo

Sirius black appeared on the streets of St. Louis seemingly out of thin air. The tall young man was burnt, sore, and soaked, but he stood firmly, holding a figure in his arms that he carried gently and carefully.

He blinked, then shook the hair out of his eyes and looked down.

"Yuka?" he spoke softly to the form in his arms. "Yuka, are you aware, darling? I need to know where you live."

Totally screwed

Yuka stormed into her pent house apartment, flinging her coat on the floor. "DAMMIT!" How the hell could this have happened? She had left Draco safe at Hogwarts when she left 6 months ago. They hand't so much as sent a letter to eachother and then she runs into him at the Cafe after she had slept with Sirius.

She goes to have no love life to have one hell of a complicated one. She goes into the kitchen, intent on some Mojito therapy. Mixing the drink, she sits down on her couch, chugging it. Thank GOD her dad had left for Japan that morning. That would be the LAST thing she would need.

After a few gulps her nerves calm slightly. She would just work this all out. Yes. Draco was still in school. She wouldn't be going back to Hogwarts anytime soon. This could all just work out...

The Return

Maggie had returned to the town of St. Louis much the way she had previously, minus the outter disguise and cross. Walking down the streets she looked around with interest, then made her way to the Circus. Without anybody to hunt she finally felt free to really check this place out. And with the reward she's recieved from both the human and vampiric lawkeepers she had the cash to spend the time doing so.

And that was fine by her.

Angel in Hiding

Ilayne Wakefield and her two children were settling in to their new town house quite nicely. She sat at her desk in her study looking over some documents. The twins were playing in the nursery with the nanny.

They had left England until things calmed down. It was too dangerous for her children with all the...visitors she had been having. She knew, in a city full of the preternatural, her aura and those of her children would be hidden by such a presence.

She sighed and pushed away the papers. She had already placed the wards on the house, the servants were taken care of, the children were adjusting nicely....but she still felt things were unfinished. It just...wasn't home.

The sun had set already, but Ilayne needed to get out. She informed her head servant she would be going for a walk and donned her cloak. She walked into the brisk night air and set off on no particular parh.

Out for a Walk

Maddalena had been cooped up in the Circus for a while and decided she needed some fresh air. She felt safe in St Louis now. Safe enough to take a walk on her own at night.

She glided easily through the circus crowds and started off in no particular direction. She hummed as she walked, enjoying the smell of the crisp night air. She felt as if the world was hers. It was surprisingly quiet on the streets for a friday night, but she welcomed the quiet. It soothed her.

She turned into a park and smiled as she saw a swing set. She sat on one, gently swinging back and forth as watched the night sky.

Daddy Dean comes to town

Dean hadn't changed much in the last 17 years...he still hunted...he was still with Hikari. Now they were married and he was in St Louis looking for their errant daughter, Yuka.

He had gone home to Tokyo to relax....not to be reamed out by his wife and sent right back to the states to find his kid. He loved his daughter...but she seriously drove him nuts. He was on her side 100% about the whole 'lead her own life' thing. What he wasn't behind was her disappearing for two months then randomly sending her cousin an e-mail saying she was running a hotel for a vampire.

So here he was in St Louis. Now to find her...

Chase ends

Maggie ran down the streets of the unfamiliar city, panting as she fought to keep up with her prey, who was obviously vampire and moving a lot faster a lot easier.

She gasped for air, and when her lungs finally began to seize she slowed, glaring and skidding to a stop in the middle of the street, staring as her prey bolted over another fence and towards a new part of town.

"Well fuck," she grumbled, knowing he was gone and not bothering to hop over the fence either. Instead she walked around slowly, eyes widening a fraction when she saw that he had run into what appeared to be... a circus. Or something similar, anyways.

Sighing she slid into a nearby alleyway, discarding and hiding her long black trenchcoat, face mask, and gloves. This left her in a tiny pair of ripped shorts, a barely decent black leather vest, and heavy pair of black boots. Her cross necklace hung loose and down to her naval, her tattoos darkening the skin on one full arm and shoulderblade, only a small purple butterfly on the side of her stomach staining any other part of her body.

Pulling her long black hair into a ponytail, the girl who barely looked legal strode out of the alleyway and towards the festival, eager to find out the scoop on this city, and why her quarry had risked everything just to get here.

Jun. 22nd, 2007

Narcissus smiled warmly running fingers across the wood of the bed frame, before looking at his messenger. "Fetch my car, and-" he paused "warn my lovely blonde vampire friend that I shall be- Actually don't warn them. I'll just go suprise Jean-Claude at his new hotel.....".
He laughed brightly, and before long he was walking into JC's new hotel. Assuming JC would be in the pent house he pushed the button to head up. "If he's not here, I'll look around and then go to the circus....... yick"

Vampire Envoy

Sandraline arrived in St Louis by the command of her master, the Master Vampire of New York. She had happily taken the assingment, eager to leave the city.

She stepped from her limo, her white skirts flowing about her. "The Circus of the Damned." She walked through the circus, looking about, not really caring when she met the Master of the City.

Getting used to the Circus

Maddalena wandered from her room, wanting to see the place she now called home. She didn't think she would get in trouble for poking around.

She took in all the scents. Shifters, blood, and sex. It made for an interesting combination in her mind. She walked about for a good hour before she started to get hungry. She went in search of a kitchen.