Koketsu 'Ko' (silvernoharm) wrote in wolf_cat_fang,
Koketsu 'Ko'

Enter one Sly fox.

Ko stood in the shadows watching and waiting. She knew that she had been ordered to assassinate the master of the city, but she was really having doubts about the order. The fox spirit had noted how lively the town had felt when she got off the bus. Tucking the hair from her face she slipped into a crowd of teens that were passing, heading deeper into the city, deciding to do her homework before carrying out any orders.

If she didn't carry them out it wouldn't be that big a deal. The order she worked for would send someone to take her out. None of them were as good a hunter as she was. She smirked at the thought.

They can try. I have been alive longer than all of them. Not all shifters are tied to the moon after all. She slipped from the crowd working her way through another to get to the place she wished to go to. It was still daylight, but that didn't mean all the attractions in town were closed. Slipping into the bar she took a table seat that gave her sight of the doors, each movement she made was graceful and casual. Ordering lunch and a beer she was glad that her ID wasn't questioned, she'd have to thank her forger, he did great work when on a clock.

Her hand toyed with the silver necklace she wore, the charm on it was a hand crafted pentacle almost as old as the Master of the City.  Throw back to how old the young woman really was.

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