larmes_desang (larmes_desang) wrote in wolf_cat_fang,

Jean-Claude sat in the back of guilty pleasures casually feeding on the energy in the air. The lust, it probably helped that Nathaniel was on stage doing a dance with one of his vampires. He could feel the intake of breath as the vampire sunk fangs into the cats throat.
The Sexual tension of the room helped a little to take his mind off of the tension he was feeling from Both Anita and Richard although each had a different reason. Anitas clearly annoying him less than Richard.

He sighed deeply before standing walking towards his office before the Coat check girl came to him "Sir, Richard is waiting for you at the Circus"

He sighed and nodded "Thank you. I'll be with him as soon as I can. If a shifter comes by looking for me. Sit her by the stage for an act before bringing her to my office" he murmered as he headed that way.

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