ssica_ann_rave (ssica_ann_rave) wrote in wolf_cat_fang,

Lovely night to be the new girl.



Worried, she was totally worried but she did her best not to let it show. She had just gotten her shop opened. It was a hole in the wall tattoo studio, clean and oddly comfortable feeling even if it was a little confined. Fresh paper work was ready to be filled out and the wall behind the appointment counter was studded with her credentials. It had been like pulling teeth to be able to open the shop, but she had finally gotten the ‘human law’ to give her the thumbs up. Now all she needed was approval from the night life.


Ssica-Ann’s small fangs worried her full lower lip. She had to fight the urge to toy with her hair. “It’ll be all right, besides the last master of the city didn’t even know you existed and it’s not like wereminxes have gatherings.” She frowned at that, really she wasn’t even a real were according to some of the other ‘furry’ crowd. She had never been savaged and she wasn’t in danger of turning any one else furry if she got nippy. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Come on get a grip.”


Neon glowed flashing Raving Mynx Ink.


She’d been a good girl and left a message with the ‘collective’ or whatever it was that ‘furry’ crowd called it’s self. Hopefully the furry masses were friendlier then the bastards from N.Y.C.

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