Hidden Shadows Clan (bristol_clan) wrote in wolf_cat_fang,
Hidden Shadows Clan

Delivery for the vamps

Miles slipped up to the building knowing he was being spotted.  Joshua had chosen him, so if he died making the delivery it would be an honor... Just showed how messed up the cult was right?

He had a bundle in his arms, the paper wrapped garment was Trin's light weight sweater, complete with some of her blood, she had tried to fight them.  Hunter had seen to it that she wouldn't fight back a while at least.  Inside was a letter for the vamps as well. 

Josh wanted them out of their hidey-hole.  Would make it easier for him to cleanse the city at least.
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Jean-Claude was stirring early. Possibly thanks to stress. He woke to the smell of blood drifting into his office where he was currently asleep. He pushed open the lid of his coffin with a groggy growl
Asher had slept at the circus, but he could feel something was wrong. She was scared, he could feel it.
The boy left the package with the doorman and left, not wanting to be around when it was opened.
Jean-Claude almost leapt out of the coffin rushing to the smell of blood
The doorman was one of the few humans. He stood where he was supposed to waiting for Buzz to show up.
Jean-Claude rushed over "Well?"
"The guy just said this had to be handed to you before midnight sir." Since he's human he can't smell what's in it.
He nodded grabbing the package and taking it back to his office so's not to alarm anyone
The doorman watched him leave and shrugged.
Back in his Office Jean-Claude ripped it open with a snarl
The bloody sweater was shredded, as if it had been torn off.
Jean-Claude closed his eyes allowing the information to pass to the appropriate people
Ow... ease up JC... We know Trin's missing Micah and I found one of her pard members... Don't tell Ash yet, he'll flip. He hoped that JC would get the message in time.
Too late. Sorry, but he deserves to know
Guess I'll get an ass chewing for being the one to let her out for the day when we get her back... I'll accept it.
Sorry but, its faster if all know non?
Asher growled low sending a few of the shifters around him scurrying for corners as the scarred one passed.

How bad? That way I know how badly to hurt them for touching her.
Trin whimpers where she's being kept as she feels Asher's anger.
Kill all but the weak sounds right to me
Sorry ma petit, we'll find you hang on He didn't single it out to only her.

She's still alive, but I want the Pard leader and whomever else he allowed to touch her.
Oui, den deal wit the others non?
I tire of all of these......... troubles........