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Enter one Sly fox.

Ko stood in the shadows watching and waiting. She knew that she had been ordered to assassinate the master of the city, but she was really having doubts about the order. The fox spirit had noted how lively the town had felt when she got off the bus. Tucking the hair from her face she slipped into a crowd of teens that were passing, heading deeper into the city, deciding to do her homework before carrying out any orders.

If she didn't carry them out it wouldn't be that big a deal. The order she worked for would send someone to take her out. None of them were as good a hunter as she was. She smirked at the thought.

They can try. I have been alive longer than all of them. Not all shifters are tied to the moon after all. She slipped from the crowd working her way through another to get to the place she wished to go to. It was still daylight, but that didn't mean all the attractions in town were closed. Slipping into the bar she took a table seat that gave her sight of the doors, each movement she made was graceful and casual. Ordering lunch and a beer she was glad that her ID wasn't questioned, she'd have to thank her forger, he did great work when on a clock.

Her hand toyed with the silver necklace she wore, the charm on it was a hand crafted pentacle almost as old as the Master of the City.  Throw back to how old the young woman really was.

Aug. 4th, 2009

Jean-Claude sat in the back of guilty pleasures casually feeding on the energy in the air. The lust, it probably helped that Nathaniel was on stage doing a dance with one of his vampires. He could feel the intake of breath as the vampire sunk fangs into the cats throat.
The Sexual tension of the room helped a little to take his mind off of the tension he was feeling from Both Anita and Richard although each had a different reason. Anitas clearly annoying him less than Richard.

He sighed deeply before standing walking towards his office before the Coat check girl came to him "Sir, Richard is waiting for you at the Circus"

He sighed and nodded "Thank you. I'll be with him as soon as I can. If a shifter comes by looking for me. Sit her by the stage for an act before bringing her to my office" he murmered as he headed that way.

Lovely night to be the new girl.



Worried, she was totally worried but she did her best not to let it show. She had just gotten her shop opened. It was a hole in the wall tattoo studio, clean and oddly comfortable feeling even if it was a little confined. Fresh paper work was ready to be filled out and the wall behind the appointment counter was studded with her credentials. It had been like pulling teeth to be able to open the shop, but she had finally gotten the ‘human law’ to give her the thumbs up. Now all she needed was approval from the night life.


Ssica-Ann’s small fangs worried her full lower lip. She had to fight the urge to toy with her hair. “It’ll be all right, besides the last master of the city didn’t even know you existed and it’s not like wereminxes have gatherings.” She frowned at that, really she wasn’t even a real were according to some of the other ‘furry’ crowd. She had never been savaged and she wasn’t in danger of turning any one else furry if she got nippy. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Come on get a grip.”


Neon glowed flashing Raving Mynx Ink.


She’d been a good girl and left a message with the ‘collective’ or whatever it was that ‘furry’ crowd called it’s self. Hopefully the furry masses were friendlier then the bastards from N.Y.C.

Lunatic Cafe - Lunch

Trinity took a seat in the corner booth tucking her skirt under her.  She had a stack of sketch books with her and her feet up on the bench next to her.  A few of the patrons were used to her weekly trips there and even with everything that had happened lately she needed the fresh air.  Three other shifters had entered with her taking up tables nearby much like bodyguards. 

Ordering her usual she set up her pencils waiting for her chili fries. 

Delivery for the vamps

Miles slipped up to the building knowing he was being spotted.  Joshua had chosen him, so if he died making the delivery it would be an honor... Just showed how messed up the cult was right?

He had a bundle in his arms, the paper wrapped garment was Trin's light weight sweater, complete with some of her blood, she had tried to fight them.  Hunter had seen to it that she wouldn't fight back a while at least.  Inside was a letter for the vamps as well. 

Josh wanted them out of their hidey-hole.  Would make it easier for him to cleanse the city at least.
Trinity had finished her shift and was currently walking out to her car when she paused.  There was a scent on the air she recognized. It wasn't one she wanted to smell anytime soon. 

Glancing back she knew that the security would be around.  She was half way to her car, which was parked at the far end of the lot.  She'd have to bitch Jase out for borrowing it and parking so far away later.

She knew it would take too long to get the car door open.  Turning she ran back for the door...

Danse Macabre

Trinity twirled a little dancing to the heavy beats. She was glad that Jason had invited her along because Asher's date had cancelled at the last moment.

Glancing over she saw her sister sipping a coke chatting with Jason. There was an explosion from the front doors. Jason grabbed Sarah, pulling her down using his body to sheild her.

Figures walked into the dance room armed with guns. Asher moved forward. Trin saw the gun being raised and tackled him down her eyes shifting to gold.

The bullet intended for Asher tore through her shoulder making her cry out.
Nathaniel had no idea of the time passing. Or really the fuss that he'd caused. The changes of structure to pack and pard. All he knew was that he ached all over and felt so sore. He forced a heavy eye open to see where he was. "Hello?" he croaked awkwardly. "Anyone there?"

Stephen growled slightly stretching where he lay in his Wolf form. Realising he'd heard his friends voice he perked up and started to bark to get attension.


He wasn't at the hospitals she tried, She even hunted down the furry clinic remembering it from her world. 

She just knew she needed to find Nathaniel.  It would make Miriam happy if he was safe.  Looking at the club she bit her lip, there was a mark by the door telling her it was one of JC's.  Hoping he was there she stepped inside slipping her hand into her jacket pocket to make sure her cell phone was there.

Exploring new territory

She'd lit out of Phoenix like her ass was on fire, but not because of trouble.  Mostly because she'd gotten bored of the hunting there and wanted to check out some new territory.  So she bought a ticket for the first greyhound arriving after she got to the station, and it was bound for St. Louis.  and now here she was.

Later, she'd look for a place to crash.  Right now, she wanted to explore and see what she could find as far as... Well, everything.  People, places, things.